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september 2016



Red Rat-Het Fort van Sjakoo

Small Press-Bollox


The sixth (mini) edition of Striptember Amsterdam, Graphic Novel Month, celebrating the rich history of comics and promoting, renewable energy, animal rights, Small Press, Vegan and bicycle life styles. This year The Night City Mayors brought in their local comic hero's. 

Amsterdam-Larie Cook

Den Bosch-Sjoerd Weening

Nijmegen-Maarten Gerritsen and

Zwolle-Jeroen van Doornik (The Night City Mayor of Zwolle himself)

and we have  two special guests: Jan Cleijne-The Headliner of Striptember 2015 and Hein de Kort


This exhibition will go on tour, after Striptember Amsterdam (7th Sept-5th Oct)

we will go to: Striptober Groningen (Music and Comics festival, all year around), Traditional Music Bar O'Cealligh 7-31 Oct

The Night City Mayors Congress, Kortrijk, Belgium, Budascoop, 3-4 December

Striptober Groningen Sonic edition 11-14 January 2017,

Traditional Music Bar O'Ceallaigh (soon list of the bands, including beer mat exhibition with Jan Cleijne, Adam Wachters, Larie Cook, Jeroen van Doornik, Lance Schmale and  Stiff (Glasgow)

The Night City Mayors Congress, Zwolle, December 2018.